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Thread: im looking for a new chair

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    im looking for a new chair

    im 18 and looking for a new manual chair for college any suggestions

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    I would look for something as light as possible with adjustable back and lots of adjustment in center of gravity to be able to accommodate the different environments you will encounter.

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    liking my quickie ti much more then my previous quickie xtr.....simple, light, fits good. be sure and get a reputable fitter..Steve.

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    First of all, there are a lot of things to consider about you before we determine which is the best chair for you. Are you currently in a manual chair? If so, what are you in? If not, are you going to have the strength to propel yourself around campus with manual wheels or are you going to need some sort of power assist to help you manage ramps and stuff? Are you going to need arm rests? Push handles? Can you transfer yourself? Are you going to be putting it in a car next you or do you have a van with a ramp that you have to propel up? You may want to go to a local wheelchair dealership and have them make a suggestion for you. Oftentimes when they do that, they can let you demo a chair to see how well you like it before you spend all that money buying it or waste insurance DME (Durable Medical Equipment) funds that you could've put on a much better fitting or smaller power chair then possibly the one you have since almost all insurance companies have a maximum amount that you can spend in a year. Not to mention, you'll be hard-pressed to find a doctor that will write a script for a chair that you can't use, although everyone needs a manual chair for a backup to their power chair, but maybe not always necessarily on ultralightweight or a sport chair. I hate to be the one feeding you bad news, but you have to be realistic on what you can be independent on campus with. You don't want to have to stop and ask people all the time to help you up ramps
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    1) terminology:
    "lightweight" = HCPCS K0003 = temporary-use, off-the-shelf "hospital chair"
    "high-strength lightweight" = HCPCS K0004 = temporary-use, off-the-shelf "hospital chair"
    "ultralight" = HCPCS K0005/K0009 = permanent use, custom built
    2) decide if you want a folding or a rigid chair (apples to apples, rigids are lighter because they have fewer components). The choice typically depends on how you need to load the chair in your vehicle.
    3) decide between K0005 and K0009. K0009's are typically lighter, but cost a lot more. Many insurance companies require special justification to buy K0009. (I can stand, load my chair, then hobble to the driver's seat, so a K0005 is fine for me. For those who can't stand and must transfer then lift their chair over themselves into the car, K0009 is worth extra money for less weight.)
    4) be very aware of the "weight game" all wheelchair manufacturers must play to remain in the market. Published wheelchair weights are very misleading to the uninformed - published weights include only a very minimalist chair (sometimes even minus the rear wheels and/or the footrest).
    5) for first-time wheelers, adjustability is very important for fine tuning the fit over the long term. Proper fit is virtually impossible to achieve with your first chair no matter how good you or your DME are at measuring. Adjustable items include rear-seat height (RSH) for fine-tuning propulsion efficiency, front-seat height (FSH) for fine tuning knee and ground clearances, center-of gravity (COG) for fine tuning your balance, and many others.
    6) learn the available options (e.g., frame style, front angle, swing-away or fixed hangers, etc.) and decide what's important to you. Here is where wheeling in a demo chair is very important.
    7) visit manufacturers' websites, download and study chairs' order forms. Search CC for specific answers; ask CC users questions regarding topics you can't find.

    It took me a month of preparation before I knew what I wanted. Picking the right chair is very important. Once you have it, it's yours for the long term, and (unless you have out-of-pocket means) it's very hard to get a different chair for at least five years often longer. Ultralights are custom built for each user; make sure it fits you; be ready for a long lead time (3-6 months if insurance is paying).

    Be very leery of DMEs. You have to buy through one (and they know it) whether you or your insurance company is paying, they typically have hidden agendas, they will quickly lead you down their own best-interest path (profit) if you let them. Know what you want, learn what's available in the industry (not just what the DME has), learn how to measure yourself, be courteously assertive. Use the DME as a resource only because you have to.

    We are here to help, but only you know what's important to you.
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    As stated above, we need more details. What are your needs? Your condition, transportation, budget, funding etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeyboy1 View Post
    As stated above, we need more details. What are your needs? Your condition, transportation, budget, funding etc
    Dude, this post is almost a YEAR old

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    I've seen absolutely tons of great lightweight portable wheelchairs on amazon, each has plenty of reviews so you can easily pick the best one that suits your situation.
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