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Thread: Help::Prepare an Audio CD

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    Help::Prepare an Audio CD

    Yesterday I Burned some music files to a cd. I am using Windows vista. I burned directly from Vista without using any other softwares. But this CD is not playing in my cd player in my car. (It is an old player, But othere cds are playing smoothly) But the files are there in the cd.

    How I can prepare a music CD that plays in car audio player from Windows Vista?
    Is there any softares to do so?
    Can iTunes be used to prepare cds? How?
    Help me please.

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    Looks like you just copied files to a cd using vista, I’m no expert but that’s ok for backing up files but not for playing. You need software which probably came with your cd/dvd burner. There’s lots of software to choose from, I use Nero essentials and its ok for basic cd/dvd burning. You can make an mp3 cd which will hold a lot of songs but I doubt your old player is mp3 compatible so your cd will hold 15-20 songs depending on length. I don’t use iTunes.

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