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Thread: Is my AcerPower dead?

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    Is my AcerPower dead?

    I bought my young son an AcerPower 1000 in 2006 and it appears to have died a sudden death. File loading that takes minutes on my other nothing-special PCs would take HOURS on the Acer, which when new performed perfectly fine. I have done 2 system recoveries but the computer never fully rebounded and now I'm lucky if it barely boots up. If there was previous virus damage could it kill the computer altogether? I hate to buy a brand new computer for a 10-year-old who needs only the most basic setup. Can these things be refurbed on the cheap?

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    I've seen the configuration for the computer u have. It was a good one for 2006 and still it is especially for a 10yo boy.

    The slow speed of your system can't be the fault of the whole machine. In the worst scenario is just one hardware component but i suspect is the operating system fault.

    If you don't have any important documents/data on that hard drive you can reinstall the OS without any problem and without any technical support and I support you to do that. The main problem will be to find the proper drivers for the components that windows xp doesn't have. If you have important datas/documents on that hard drive, save them first to a different place.

    System recovery is not the same as reinstalling the operating system especially if you had a virus of that machine.

    On that configuration Windows XP has to fly.
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    good luck

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