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    Stimulite cushion

    A few months ago I bought a stimulite cushion, the one with countour and about 3 inches high at the highest point. I must admit it took a while for me to get used to it, but now I feel as conformtable in it as I do in my roho´s, with the difference that the stimulite feels much more stable, easier to transfer and does not puncture, all this on the plus side.

    What has been a surprise is the more expensive cushion cover. Great zippered compartment in the front, but any little drop of urine will smell foul for days and you have to wash it thoroughly every time. Man, it can stink up a place. So I decided to try a roho low profile cover on it and it works great and dramatically reduces smell and fits perfectly.

    So, in general I think that both the roho and the stimulite are must haves for me, though stimulite should seriously reconsider their cloth material and odor rejection on both the cover and the cushion.
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    Paramoto, Supracor Stimulite makes an incontinent waterproof cover. If you like the cushion, you should look into getting one. Sportaid sells them I think.

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    its not the cushion its the cover. the honeycomb is antibacterial, and any pee goes right through it away from your skin, thats a huge benefit of these cusdhions. rep
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