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Thread: need something to loosen flem in throat

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    need something to loosen flem in throat

    i'm a c6 quad and i have a cold. nose is runny, throat is a bit sore, and i cant cough up the flem in the back of my throat. is there something i could do to loosenthings up? something i could drink? maybe a shot of liquor? i'm really worried about getting pneumonia because i've had it once before.

    my familly doc gave me a z-pack too.

    -C6 incomplete
    -injured January, 14th 2006 in roll-over

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    Mucinex rocks!!! You can get it over the counter.
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    Plenty of fluids, warm broth or tea may be the best. Humidified air--or steam from a hot shower (you dont necessarily have to get in it).

    Mucinex works great too, I would just get the one that contains guaifenesin though.

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    Mucinex !
    coolbreeze c6/7

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    Mucinex, hot tea with maybe a tiny bit of lemon and stay away from milk and most dairy since it makes the phlegm worse. OK, back when I was an AB smoker and had the worst case of bronchitis in black tea with peppermint shnapps in it. Oh, and sometimes it takes 2 Z-Paks so if you still have problems 5 days after the last dose call your doc again.
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    I agree with the mucinex. I have a lot of allergies and also use it when they're bad.

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    I agree with Sue. hot tea with pepper. schnapps, or whiskey w/lemon.

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    An expectorant that contains guaifenesin which promotes drainage of mucus from the lungs by thinning the phlegm (not flem) also lubricates the irritated respiratory tract. Mucinex is a brand name (and an expensive one). You can find it generically in liquid form for much less money. Avoid any cough medicines that contain stimulants or cough suppressants.

    Take a hot shower or sit in a steamy bathroom, or use a humidifier (be sure it is cleaned properly) to help keep the phlegm loose as well.

    Drink plenty of fluids and have someone help you quad cough on a regular basis. If what you are coughing up is greenish or yellowish and not white or clear, and you are running a fever, you need to see your physician or go to the ER as this may indicate more than a cold or flu (like pneumonia or bronchitis).

    Did you get a flu shot this year?


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    I had a bad cold a few weeks ago.
    The best ways I found of getting the phlemg up from the chest/thoat was to bend over in my chair so my head was almost by my knees, and do some hard coughs, you seem to get a better cough when your bent over ( I'm c6/7 too so my coughs aren't very powerfull).

    Also Singing helps! The vibrations can loosen things up after a burst of song, so get your favorite Cd's on and singalong!

    During the last few days of my cold I bought some cough medicince which had a peppermint and clove oil mix, it was very soothing for the throat, but my cough was allready on the way out by then, should have got it sooner.
    Hope it clears up soon!

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    Gargle with warm salt water to loosen phlegm.
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