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Thread: Why is it always the casters?

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    Why is it always the casters?

    What could be the problem with my caster? It's like I'm the bad shopping cart at the supermarket that pulls to the left, I swear, lol. (kidding)

    So I went to get into my manual chair from the car and the front right caster was making a clicking sound. I leaned all my weight on to my brother and tipped off of my wheel, and sure enough, it looked all wobbly/dangly like a broken limb. There seems to have been a disconnect in between the frame itself and the frog leg and the caster itself? What connects these things, and are they really delicate enough to where I have to be worried about my drunk friends piling my chair in the trunk? My chair is what- a year and a half old or so? maybe? and I had some serious downtime so it's been BARELY used, and used indoors at that... (It's a quickie). It just seems strange to me that a caster would practically snap off before I've had a chance to even really ding the paintjob.

    Thanks equipment folks.
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    should be warranty. i do not see why it would break. i abuse my chair never an issue. show me a pic. maybe a blown bearing rep
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    Did the spokes that connect the caster rim to the axle hub crack?
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    Sounds like a defect. In 55 years of wheelin, I never encountered what you are describing. I would get to the manufacturer.

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    I have a friend whose frog leg broke right off the frame. He was three wheeling the whole weekend because we were in Kentucky for a basketball tournament when it happened. It is possible...I would be careful on it so that it does not break off on you!
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    Last year I lost 2 casters in 3 outings w/my chair. Started wobbling, then just blew apart. The first at the Indy 500, the next at a Cubs at Brewers game. Had to finish out each trip w/the broken caster. Suprisingly, it rolled half way decent. Maybe thats the advantage to having a pos chair you don't loose much if you loose a wheel or two

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    What connects these things
    There is a stem bolt and three nuts that hold everything together. Picture here, but it doesn't show the top nut that would normally be inside the barrel housing:

    One or more of the three nuts has almost certainly come loose on your chair, unless you have had a caster hub failure like IMC67, or a failure of one of the four bearings. Usually two in the caster barrel and two in the caster hub.

    Good luck...

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    ^yeah, it's definitely inside whatever is connecting the caster wheel assembly through the frog leg to the frame.

    Would this be a warranty deal or maybe not since those FLs are like an after market add on? (They were on the chair when I received it, I ordered it that way) I'm confused.
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    I ordered my last 2 Quickie chairs with Frog Legs installed at the factory. I assume they are covered under the initial 1 year warranty, but don't really know for sure. I've never had a problem that needed work under warranty.

    The local (hopefully) DME where you got your chair should be able to determine the problem and correct it, or process your warranty claim with Sunrise.

    Alternatively... if you show the parts diagram to anyone with a few wrenches and sockets, they should be able to put them back together for you with little trouble. There really isn't much that can go wrong with Frog Legs, other than stuff unscrewing.

    Good Luck...


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    I don't miss my frog legs. Soft rolls are cheaper, just swap them out more often. But I think all froglegs are any chairs come standard w/ them?

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