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Thread: Anyone been to Puerto Vallarta?

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    Anyone been to Puerto Vallarta?

    Every year on the anniversary of my injury I go on vacation. No sense wallowing in what has already happened. So this year I am thinking about Puerto Vallarta. I have already been to Cancun and Cozumel, so I thought I would try the Pacific side. If anyone has been there I would love to hear any recommendations you have.

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    been there. love it. its old though, lots of cobblestone sidewalks. helpful people though.
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    Just came back from there (on a Mexican Riviera cruise). They have improved accessiblity quite a bit in the last few years. Curb cuts (although quite steep) all over downtown, and now they have added some ramps to get you up onto the sea wall along the Malecon.

    We have used this company for four different trips there (all on cruises) for transportation and tours, and they also rent out an accessible condo and have equipment like commodes, beach chairs and lifts for rent. We have had great service and at reasonable rates:


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    cobblestone everywhere...a real bitch!
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    Yes, there are cobblestones and steep ramps. However, I like it enough to go about 10 times per year. They have part of the sidewalk torn up on Olas Altas in the Romantic Zone about a month ago. Taxis are cheap with the current FX rate (14.2MXN to 1USD) and PV is less crowded with visitors being down about 10% according to the State of Jalisco. Use credit cards for a better exchange rate. Most places will take dollars but will get their mochada for doing it. If you are flying, the airport is easy to navigate as I have picked up people there. I know by experience the Marriott is quite accessible.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm going in February. If anyone has any more up to date information, it would be greatly appreciated. We're staying at the Marriott
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