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Thread: Stress Incontinence and options

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    Question Stress Incontinence and options

    I am a super active T12/L1 paraplegic with stress incontinence. I have a neuro urologist, but I am just trying to get as many different opinions as I can on what my options might be. I am on Ditropan for my spastic bladder, which works well, but I am still wearing Poise pads all day, everyday. If I sneeze or blow my nose or do something that requires even alittle muscle, I pee a bit. Has anyone had Bladder Sling Surgery or other treatments?

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    Stem cells are not a cure for incontinence in people with SCI. The link doesn't work anyway.

    If you have a leaking bladder and have low pressures, but leak with valsalva, then you may be a candidate for a sling procedure and/or sphincter collegen injections. It would be critical to work with a urologist who is expert in female incontinence as well as neurologic urology. Keep in mind that voiding with Crede or straining may no longer be possible or safe after this, so intermittent cath would need to be the method for emptying your bladder.

    If you have a totally flaccid sphincter and a totally flaccid bladder, then you also might be a candidate for an artificial urinary sphincter implant, which would also require emptying by intermittent cath (since straining alone is usually ineffective in fully emptying the bladder, even when the sphincter is open).


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    I know I can't get the injections because the act of cathing would "poke" out whatever is put in. My urologist does specialize in female incontinence, but I was just looking for outside opinions. Is it really worth getting it done?

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    I'm also super active and have a lower injury with extreme stress incontinence. I had a hysterectomy/bladder sling and am not sure how much it helped. I had to have help with every transfer for 5 weeks to keep from straining while it healed and that about drove me crazy. it may have helped some but as I have gotten more and more active I leak more and more and also wear a poise all of the time. (Keeping dry during colds is extremely difficult). I cath, but can also pretty well empty twisting from side to side. I am considering collagen injections, which my urologist said would keep me from being able to do that effectively. I'd also like to learn more about artificial sphincters.

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