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Thread: Tapentadol anybody???

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    Tapentadol anybody???

    Has anybody tried this new pain med , if so feedback is appreciated good or bad . thanks
    SM/ACM Surgery in 1999

    When the world says "give up"; hope whispers "try one more time"

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    From Wikipedia:

    The trade name for tapentadol in United States will be Nucynta -- posited by some commentators to be derived from the phrase "New Synthetic: Tapentadol" and/or a anagram of the name Cynthia with some letters missing. The planned release date of 17. March 2009 was pushed back due to political events and manoeuvres within the FDA and betwixt the FDA and other agencies such as the DEA, National Institutes of Health, American Medical Association, and some media outlets. The attack on propoxyphene by regulators (after having been on the market 52 years) may have played a rĂ´le in the interest to get the drug on the market to replace this drug, which is still a very common prescription in the United States.

    Is this drug available for prescription yet?

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    This from the AAPS journal on trapentadol:

    "Agonist stimulation of GPCRs promotes receptor phosphorylation by GRKs and leads to recruitment of βarrestins which effectively uncouple the receptor and G proteins, thus preventing further signaling.4-6 In addition to mediating receptor desensitization, βarrestins also facilitate the internalization of inactivated receptors which can promote receptor recycling to the plasma membrane or lead to downregulation by receptor degradation."
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    yes you can get by prescription

    Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

    Tapentadol should be available by prescription now because it was
    approved Nov. 20, 2008.
    SM/ACM Surgery in 1999

    When the world says "give up"; hope whispers "try one more time"

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