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Thread: Cspine's big gay (happy) thread!

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    65 degrees today in NW Iowa. Baclofen pump fixed and working at maximum efficiency. What else is needed to be gay and happy? Well, walking would be the icing on the cake, but we play the hand we're dealt...until the next deal, which could be a Royal Flush
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    My grass is green...after months of no rain, fires and terrible winds, we had some great rain last week and my grass needs to be mowed. Cant wait to smell that freshly mown smell!

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    Boneless chicken breasts were mispriced at .99/lb. instead of 4.99/lb a pound (like the sign said) at the supermarket. A fellow shopper was nice enough to alert me and the cashier just scanned it on through.

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    We showing our house (which has been on the market since last July) not just once but twice tomorrow. Yay!

    I'm also big gay happy to have kitties that love me, including a rag doll who looks a lot like Danine's baby.

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    I landed my dream internship and will be working in one of the coolest parts of the city this summer!

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    Sweet! Keep it gay folks!

    I needed some new photo gear badly, and got ripped off purchasing online. The gay part is that I was so broke, I listed some crap I never used on Ebay and made enough to buy the same gear from a more reputable place!

    Death and taxes

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    I have family and friends for which I'm very thankful, have everything I need, most of what I want. Of course, it helps I'm easily amused, right?

    Oh, and to keep this thread really big, gay and happy, just returned from open mic night at coffee house where two of my friends performed in outrageously, riotous drag.

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    Hipcrip, that is the most beautiful cat EVER!!!!

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    Spring. Had our yard mowed for the first time of the year so it looks really nice and the bradford pear tree is in full bloom.
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    My neighbours basements just flooded. Mine didn't. So gay.

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