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Thread: was i wrong

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    was i wrong

    ok i'm not sure if this is the right place or not. so today in class i was
    writting a test and the teacher was dragging his feet on the carpet to build up static to shock people (don't ask why i think he drinks before class) so i see him out of the corner of my eye reach out to shock me, when he shocks me i start yelling and acting like he hit me with 220 volts. i induced a spaz attack, all while yelling at him that, since my injury i'm super sensitive to static shocks and that it can stop my heart. the look on the guys face all most made me regret doing it. so was i wrong for going about it this way? and this is not the first time this teacher has done something stupid that envolved me.

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    Well your teacher shouldn't be doing that to you to begin with, but you probably could have handled it a little better. If you have been having problems with this teacher picking on you then you should talk to his supervisor.
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    i guess your kinda right i could have handled it better. and he is not picking on me he just says really stupid stuff.

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    Hahaha, I think it's hilarious. Is there anyone that hasn't faked like that for some reason?

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    It sounds like your teacher is an idiot, but I might have handled it differently just so you didn't re-enforce the whole "crips are different" notion. Just look him right in the eye and say "please don't touch me, I have no desire to be shocked."

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    Oh Canada. In US public schools, the teacher would have been disciplined and possibly fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurly2356 View Post
    If you have been having problems with this teacher picking on you then you should talk to his supervisor.
    Or punch him in the throat!

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    i guess i should have said that i'm in collage. the teacher always sticks his foot in his mouth. he once said i only use my chair to get around easier

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    Fuck em if they can't take a joke.

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