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Thread: Lab-grown Nerves Promote Nerve Regeneration After Injury

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    Lab-grown Nerves Promote Nerve Regeneration After Injury

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    My Polish is a bit rusty lol Here's google's attempt (the smoke is a worry)

    An opportunity for people on the efficiency of accident.

    Millions of people worldwide each year, losing feeling in the limbs. Does it crash, or after the invasive operations, damaged nervous tissue can not be repaired and make human life much more difficult.
    Can enjoy the information that could be created in the laboratory of nervous tissue ready for transplantation directly - with the success of researchers from the University of Pensylvania School of Medicine reported medical magazine "Tissue Engineering Part A".
    We managed to improve the method for inducing nerve fiber, aksonów to increase in the injury site and connect to the healthy tissues (skin and musculature).

    We created a neural network twójwymiarową - live relay, which is directly ready for transplantation in place of the injury - explains Professor. Douglas H. Smith of the University's neurosurgery department.

    Together with colleagues, he managed to grow and transplant a set aksonów who worked on the transplanted tissue as the cables, which smoke is discharged battery. Signals between tissues began to flow freely.
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