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    Has anyone heard of Kranking? I just got back from San Francisco where the IHRSA show was being held. Johnny G, the guy who started Spinning has developed a bike and it is completely wheelchair friendly. The concept is similar to spinning, there is an instructor motivating you and the rest of the class while everyone is Kranking. Everyone is wearing a heart rate monitor and each person training can see his or her own stats as they are being displayed on a huge screen. The energy and motivation was the best I have experienced since training in the Army, a truly incredible workout. those who have the ability can also use it to strengthen your core as well as arms, shoulders, and back. The website is
    I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this workout!

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    NOW that is COOL!

    I'd like to hear more of your experiences with it!


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    hey Brock,

    I have only used it for those few days in San Francisco, but it was an incredible workout! I loved the fact that it can be a team exercise, I miss that about spinning from before my accident. Do you handcycle now? What do you use to train with, and what kind of training do you do?


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    Any idea how much this thing costs?
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    I think it looks really cool too. I know that Monarch Ergometers are not cheap. Maybe that these are not 'medical' , they won't cost too much?

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    $1600-2000, estimated.

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    sure you could buy them, and they will probably run around 2k, but the idea is to get your gym to buy several of them so that you can do a Kranking class (similar to spinning for AB's) but the beauty of it is the gym wins both ways, the AB's can use it as well as the people in chairs! if anyone is interested let me know and I can give you the info to contact Debbie, she is one of the ones trying to get the gyms and rehab hospitals to buy them so that we don't have to come out of our pockets for them! It really is a great exercise!

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    Sounds good Forrest, I'll spread the word here. Maybe Saints or the Downtown Y will invest

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    I went to San Francisco this weekend and stopped at a club in Oakland to try a Krankcycle at Club One. They are very cool. I am a walking para so I can sit on their bench or stand to do it but the seat easily moves away and you could wheel up to it easily. This club had 6 of them in their aerobics room with maybe 50 leg powered spinning bikes. It would be great to work out with one. You can do one arm at a time and go in either direction. There was a tension knob to make the resistance harder or easier and it was very easy to use on the fly. Only negative of the design that I see is that the crank length is fixed and it is small. They probably do that to prevent injuries and have one size fits all. It would be very easy to have someone fashion an arm that could have an adjustable crank length. Maybe it doesn't really matter that the crank length is small. I am going to get in touch with them to ask how they arrived at the design.
    I got the price for one of these at this time.... are you sitting down? (that is a poor attempt at a joke) ......2000.00 dollars.
    But maybe they will come down in price. I really did like it.

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    Hey Forrest what's up man it's "D" from the Wheelchair games. Can you get me Debbie's information so I can see if I can get 24 hour fitness here in San Diego to consider this. I had this information at one time but don't know what I did with it. I think this piece of equipment is a win win for everyone involved. I was impressed.

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