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    stem cell

    Hi there,
    We have a worker from Ottawa who gave me this site, because my husband who has a c-3 to c-5 is very interested in stem cell.
    Any info you can give us would be greatly appreciated

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    May I suggest that you visit the Cure Forum. There are thousands of posts on the subject of stem cell therapies of spinal cord injury. While it is a little confusing, because there is so much information, my suggestion is to be patient and watch the flow of the traffic. The discussion is fairly honest and the take-home messages are that none of stem cell therapies have been shown to work yet, people who are charging for stem cell therapies are scamming you, and stem cell therapies alone probably will not be sufficient to restore function. Clinical trials are just beginning and unfortunately are still very slow. There is a lot of hope that there will be stem cell therapies for spinal cord injury but it is not reality at the present.


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