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Thread: anyone recommend very laid back beach style trip for a novice traveler?

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    Here are some locations for one of the manufacturers of beach wheelchairs. Whether they are free (as in CA) or for rent would depend on the location:

    For Florida, here is some information:

    There is also this book:

    How about a cruise? Lots are very accessible, and some have beach wheelchairs on the private islands in the Caribbean.


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    I'd also suggest Virginia Beach in the summer. NOT during spring break as it has gotten a huge reputation as party central for the tradionally black colleges. Unless you really wan to party 24/7 and have people, do matter the color, barf on you. But there are a ton of street fun that is blocked off for summer nights. Activities cover everyone from the toddler crowd to seniors. Lots of restaurants and bars that open to the streets also. We stayed at the Hampton Inn on the beach and most beach front hotels have exits directly to the boardwalk. We didn't ask or look for them but next to the cement ramps down to the beach were a couple locked large lockers and at least a couple of wooden walkways all the way to the water. They are meant for manual or beach chairs not the heavier powerchairs. We'd go back in the summer but not during spring break. But then we avoid all the spring break places now tht we are OLD. LOL
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    I'm not feeling adventurous enough for a cruise yet, plus you do here bad stories about Cruises, or is that just the media... Virginia Beach or someplace like it does sound more like what I'm looking for... not spring break though... but someplace where adults can hang & not have to look very far for stuff to do

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    I love it here in summer. Don't let fear of hurricane scare you away, you will receive ample warning in the rare instance that one would develop during your visit.

    One enormous plus to our ocean or gulf is that we don't have surf. Even small waves beat the heck out of you getting in and out of the water.
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