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Thread: Cooling Vests

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    Thank you all. I have this problem with sweating that has not been diagnosed yet. The websites referred above have been helpful. I want a Misty Mate!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    DAnine, there are a lot of htreads on this in the apast. We seem to jump from "I'm too cold" to "I'm too hot" without ever passing through "just right!"

    A search for cooling vests brought this up.

    You can tell from teh titles which ones to read. Betheny posted a lot of info last year, look for the thread by her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    There are a variety of types. There are gel pack, phase change, and evaporative types. Here is an overview:

    Some, have pockets for blue ice type bags, but these can be pretty heavy. You also need to consider how high a temperature you must deal with, if you will be exercising with it on or not, and how long you need it to last before it is refrozen or recharged.

    Don't look at just medical cooling vests, but also those for industrial use (which are often cheaper).

    Also consider a misting system such as the Misty Mate which can be just as good for cooling:

    i like that vest as i am out in sun on weekends 4 to 5 hrs before sun goes down
    i can/t drink enough water or stay cool this looks like it will do the trick

    nurse the pariffin looks to freeze quicker

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