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    ps3 controller

    was wondering if theres a controller where you can re-configure the whole button layout. Im having trouble on call of duty world at war i cant press L1 so i need R2 to be L1. I cant configure my own setup on waw as the buttons have already been done 4 ya.
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    you might want to check out this gaming site. my 17 yr old has been using it for over a yr now and they have answers to questions like this. also a lot more. has been working out for him. xfire. i am in no way connected w/them so no promo here. just know my son has been happy w/them (am also a member just to keep an eye on where he's going ). you don't need to click this link. just google, if you prefer.


    btw, call of duty is one of my son's fav games. the neighbor teen comes over, spends the night, brings his whole puter lol. tho, that's not necessary, guess it's fun.
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