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Thread: Went over SSI limit... Spend lots now?

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    The amount was $449x4.

    The most I can receive is like 673. However, the newest letter said I get $673-224 for living with somebody supplying all my food and shelter (freeloading). I was going to call them and tell them that I buy my food and pay some of the bills. But, at the middle of last month I got the $224 put into my account. So, I got confused. Then I got $449 this month. So, I thought maybe the 224 was a one time thing. Anyways, I start paying bills this morning and see they put 224 in again. This put me so close to my limit it is not even funny.

    Does anyone know what is going on?

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    omg. Just got 2 letters from SS office. One said that I am no longer getting free food so that is where the additional 224 is coming from.

    Now for the bad part. The other letter said I was overpaid more than $9k WTH are these people doing. Why was I over paid $1k earlier this year and now they say $9k+ after they started my ssi back. There is no way I can ever pay that back. I have so much stuff I need to purchase.

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    Cool It's happened to me in the past

    Need to watch that budget if you know what I mean....
    Lynarrd Skynyrd Lives

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    I hope someone may be able to tell me things are not as bad as they seem!
    I have been freaking out for almost a month now (Since Jan 8th) and I need sleep! My son gets SSI for autism and I am also getting it for a herniated discs. We need the money and the medical!
    My son just turned 18 and had to go for his redetermination. This is how I found out- discovered we have been over the $2000 limit for over 2 years! I thought the limit was $2000 EACH we had $3300 in the bank and I had a life insurance policy worth $1000. I am only over about $2000 total. Geez $2000 for 2 people is NOTHING in 2013! That is one car repair! They haven't cut us off yet or even sent a letter but I KNOW its coming. I'm scared to death to the point of getting myself sick. I don't know what to do! I called legal aid but no return call yet. I tried to use the money before this month. But the life insurance I have to borrow/cancel and the re-determination women told me not to touch it. It will cancel out as I am paying the bill. I didnt have a clue!
    Anyone been in this type of situation? Have any helpful tips for me?
    I've never been so scared in my life! If I could work I would! And having my son to care for....
    I just found this site...hope I am posting right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    You should have know about the $2000 asset limit. It is very clear when you apply for SSI and/or Medicaid. It has been in place for many years. Spending the money, regardless of what you use it for, to try to "hide" it may be considered fraud by Social Security. It is likely you will loose your SSI and may have to pay a fine as well. Suggest you seek legal representation ASAP.

    In the future, if you get back on SSI, you should look into a PASS program to designate funds specifically for your disability needs (such as a van or accessible home modifications). This has to be approved in advance and cannot be set up after you accumulate the funds.


    I work at a field office. you are giving incorrect information. When we discover an overpayment we encourage beneficiaries to spend it down in any way they can in order to restart payments. We are also obliged to inform them of their appeal rights in the form of a "waiver". This happens every day in my office, its standard procedure to suggest they spend it down. Perhaps you are talking about selling assets for less than they are worth? Please don't give information out just to scare people. I've worked for SSA for years and even I think the rules are harsh and demeaning, especially when the resource limit has only been increased once since 1972. In 1989 it went from 1,500 to 2,000. In reality resource limits have never been adjusted for inflation since 1972. It is estimated that for a single individual it should be about 8,000.00. Just look at the average rent and utility prices for 1972 and 89 to see how ridiculous this rule is. Even the US Senate has put forth measures to raise the limit but in the end the wealthy win. As a matter of fact I know personally that Social Security funds are being stolen by finance capitalist billionaires and the State (government) and either used for their own wealth, to fund the military and/or put in off shore accounts. Who is the criminal now?

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    You do know you are responding to a 7 year old thread, right? The OP has not been here since 2013. Even the poster for the 2013 message was made by a member who has not been back to our forums since the day he posted.

    Not sure why you are on our forum, as it does not appear you have a SCI/D.

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