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Thread: Went over SSI limit... Spend lots now?

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    Went over SSI limit... Spend lots now?

    I have been recieving SSI for about 5 years. I got my first followup call the other day. Now they send me a form wanting my bank statements and said it will stop, because I am a few thousand over the limit ($2000). I did not know there was a limit. I am in school and don't work.

    But it so happens my house needs a major repair. Would it look bad if I up and spent 2-3k at once?

    I feel so stupid for getting too much money. I was just keeping extra incase of "emergncy" situations. But, I did not know you could only have $2000.

    I am getting really nervous now. Searching I see "penalties" for over payments. I have had over the limit for a while. My main cause for this was incase I lost my finicial aid. I did not want to be stuck with borrowing money.

    My home really does need a repair. I am not saying that I will just spend the money.

    I don't even remeber signing up for SSI. Much less going over the limits and rules.
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    You should have know about the $2000 asset limit. It is very clear when you apply for SSI and/or Medicaid. It has been in place for many years. Spending the money, regardless of what you use it for, to try to "hide" it may be considered fraud by Social Security. It is likely you will loose your SSI and may have to pay a fine as well. Suggest you seek legal representation ASAP.

    In the future, if you get back on SSI, you should look into a PASS program to designate funds specifically for your disability needs (such as a van or accessible home modifications). This has to be approved in advance and cannot be set up after you accumulate the funds.


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    When this happened to me I had to send back the SSI payment for the month(s) that I was over the limit. Once I spent the money and showed them my bank statement, SSI restarted. My advice would be to spend it below the limit and do not go back over the limit (unless you put cash in a safe or something) and give them a call to work it out!

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    Little update. After posting on here, I contacted the social secuirty office. I explained the situation and the woman told me to go ahead and pay some of my bills. She then told me to get the paper filled out for my bankstatments. I did that, then recieved another letter from the office. It said that I had been overpaid last months ago (did not get paid this month). So I paid them back (gave them a check). They have not taken it out yet, but I guess I will see what happens. This is about what soulscream said happened it him.

    I don't have any idea why I don't remeber discussing the limit. I know being stupid is not a reason. This was my first time to be contacted. I have been receiving benifits for around 8 years too.

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    I once paid a lot of money back and let them withhold checks, and then I read up a little, spoke to some people who had gone through the same thing I had just gone through and found a way around it.

    You can always go to your SSA office and ask for an appeal then ask for a “waiver”, they will ask why do you need a waiver, just answer them by saying “I am broke and need the money”. Or you can say that it is “not your fault”. I do not suggest that one, just because of the way it sounds.

    I would also call your local Independent Living Center to confirm what I just suggested.

    Trust me you will receive and keep the money.
    Dave H

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    More update. Went to pharmacy today and was told medicaid was not paying for both refills. I have been getting one type of the meds for 3+ years. The other only about 8 months.

    Could this be because of my over limit?

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    If you lose SSI, you lose Medicaid. Many folks worry more about losing their Medicaid benefit than their SSI because it can potentially be far more valuable. If you appeal though and get your SSI reinstated, you can get Medicaid back retroactively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunwawry View Post
    If you lose SSI, you lose Medicaid. Many folks worry more about losing their Medicaid benefit than their SSI because it can potentially be far more valuable. If you appeal though and get your SSI reinstated, you can get Medicaid back retroactively.
    It is going to cost $50 for a refill to last a month. I only have $100....
    I still have not heard anything from the SSI people. I can't create a password to check my status online either.

    oh yea. I did get the $250 stimulus money last month too.
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    I know I've been over the limit at least once, but I did not get dinged. If you have more money coming in which puts you way over the $2000 limit, I think you should look at the NTAF. If you have an SCI you qualify for this 501(c) charity, but it's not a given that you will be accepted.
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    Update again. I kept calling the local office and could not get a return call. So I went over to the office and talked to them. They said I should recieve payments starting in about a week.

    Now for the bad news. Last month (3 days after I learned I lost Medicaid) I was in a pretty bad car accident. I am on insurance, but the bill is like $40k before insurance. I know insurance won't pay everything, so I will probably be stuck with a huge freakin bill. Unless, medicaid will pay back for that???

    edit: My checking account says pending for an amount that equals about 3 months of ssi. Maybe this is some type of back pay?? I also received a letter from medicaid today saying that I am back on it and will be covered for the last two months (atleast what I am reading). So I will only owe around $100 in bills.
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