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Thread: ez lock problem

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    ez lock problem

    My ez lock is failing to open every 20 or so releases. It seems to be just hanging up a little bit. It's eight years old and I don't see pronounced hooking on the lock, but there is a lot of metal dust so something must be worn. I have a call into the local dealer, but wondered if anyone else had experienced this and what the remedy is?

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    I would imagine some lube would be in order. Not sure what type they would recommend though.

    And blowing that metal dust out with a can of compressed air could help too.
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    My son has the same problem! It's always acting up and his is only 2 yrs. old! He is a quad with some hand function and keeps a small handle (from a mop) in his van so that he can manually release the lock if he needs to.

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    EZ Lock

    My experience with EZ Lock is that it requires routine maintenance. Clean the moving parts and lube with a dry Teflon-type lube that does dot attract dust and debris. Recently I got a new Toyota Seinna equipped with Permalock system. I went with this system because the plunger that locks into the floor-mounted Permalock has a rec tractable plunger, giving me a lot more road/floor clearance in my chair.
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