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Thread: Replacing Spinergy Spox Spokes and tightening help?

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    Replacing Spinergy Spox Spokes and tightening help?

    I'm using Spinergy Spox everyday wheels and need to tighten & replace 2 broken spokes. How do I do this? I've already placed an order for the replacement spokes, but some help would be appreciated.

    I'm a CP'er (no SCI) who started using a tilite chair part-time beginning in my early 20's so I'm still learning about maintenance/repairs. Up until recently, the only chair I'd used was an ancient Quickie tank. I hope it's okay for me to post here.

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    if you aren't familiar with building/truing wheels, your best bet would be a bike shop.

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    I was hoping to give it a shot, but you're right. It'll be easier to take it to the shop. Thanks for replying.

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