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    Keyboard Transformation

    I am currently trailing Keyboard Transformation and I was hoping there was a free similar program that allowed me to not only assign specific functions for keys but also text. I use the text for my address with just a press of 1 key. Can anyone recommend an easy to use free replacement?

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    What operating system are you using on your computer?

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    xp sp3

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    I’ve tried Keyboard Remapper 1.2 but it won’t let me assign special characters (@,!,&) only simple one’s. I’ve also tried Key Change but it is just key swapping no text such as an address. The trial program is actually called Key Transformation and costs about $45USD or $68AUD for me. I know sticky keys solve one button operation but wanted to program the function keys for text as well.
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    Take a look at these. Maybe one will meet your needs. Currently, I use Microsoft keyboard layout creator for Vista and it works pretty well for me. Early in the PC era, I had a keyboard with built in memory so the entire keyboard could be remapped and macros created independent of Windows. It was great but I cannot find another. Here are some you might look at.

    key tweak -

    sharp keys -

    MS Keyboard layout creator for XP -

    Mapkeyboard -

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    Thanks SCIfor55yrs. I just tried those suggestions, unfortunately they're fairly basic programs that don't permit text (address etc.) and they won't separate character keys from their number eg. being able to assign the @ key to F2 without taking the 2 as well. I guess Dragon is the ultimate solution but I live in a confined, noisy unit. Key Trasformer might be the way if there isn't any other options.

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