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Thread: DLPA....Do you take it?

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    DLPA....Do you take it?


    DO you take DLPA? I started taking it about 2 weeks ago and I'm not sure if I'm taking enough or if its real? I take 1 500mg pill each morning .

    I'm 6'4, 165lbs and I exercise regularly.

    If you take it and don't mind answering;
    How much DLPA do you take a day?
    Height? Weight?
    What are your pain symptoms now versus before DLPA?

    Thank you very much for your help.
    Never Give Up!

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    Here's a thread I started a while back about DLPA
    All my experiences are in there...

    Best of Luck!

    FYI I'm 6'4" and weigh 195 and exercise regularly as well

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    I started taking DLPA and B6, in 1985, its a wonder nobody knows about it, it works, and tho it takes a couple of weeks it made me feel normal for the first time in years, and I swear to that, its better than any pain med out there, they just make you goofy or addicted, this just lets endorphines do thier thing and, what a relief it is.
    Wayne Pidgeon

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