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Thread: VA "doesn't do" sleep studies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishin'guy View Post
    quad Vet I had my original study done at Providence in Seattle, since then I beleive most Dr's have their own sites. My Dr was Pasquale, and I beleive he's very close to Swedish In Seattle. I live No of Seattle, and there's 2 S/Study within a mile of me. There should be some near Portland. But check w/ the VA they should have some sort of agreement w/ a study site. Good luck buddy.
    Thanks Fishin'Guy, I'll get 'r done one way or another. Fortunately I'm 100%service-connected, which also means retired, so Medicare will pick up 80% of the bill at a civilian sleep doctor. Don't know what less fortunate veterans do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Have you talked to anyone at your VA SCI Center?

    Yes, I spoke about this with:

    - My PCP, several times
    - A backup PCP covering for my PCP, who was out of the office for weeks
    - The RT who did my "sleep study" on the SCI Ward and worked with me throughout my admission, and is in charge of home CPAP supplies
    - Another RT covering for the primary, who was out of the office for weeks
    - Tried to reach my Attending Physician; the desk clerk wouldn't or couldn't transfer me to his phone.
    - Twice with Chief of Spinal Cord, through her aid
    - My state PVA National Service Officer
    - Twice to the Northwest Chapter PVA National Service Officer on the SCI Ward

    Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quadvet View Post
    That's what I was told. Anybody ever have a sleep study at the VA?

    Thanks much.
    So sorry your having such a hard time trying to get thru to some one about your sleep study. If you don't get any satisfaction locally maybe the service here on Care Cure Veterans Forum can go to bat for you or how about asking to be flown down here to the James A. Haley VA SCI Center at VA expense? There is a sleep lab on the first floor of the Pulmonary Dept in the hospital building then maybe you could get an SCI Nurse to spend the night with you in the sleep lab room should you need anything during the night. Let me know if you need me to go to bat for you at the Tampa VA getting things lined up so you can come down here & get a proper sleep study done. Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Take Care !

    Fellow CC Member, Veteran & wheelchair user

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    Your generous offer greatly appreciated. Since my original post in this thread, I went outside the VA system and had a sleep study done. So, I'm taken care of for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quadvet View Post
    Your generous offer greatly appreciated. Since my original post in this thread, I went outside the VA system and had a sleep study done. So, I'm taken care of for now.
    Thanks for the info. That's a bummer you had to go outside the VA to get what you needed. Glad your set for now. Hope your sleeping better.
    What did the private sleep doctor pick up on? Do also have central sleep apnea as well as obstructive sleep apnea? Are you under the VA's home oxygen program? I am. A respiratory therapist comes to my house every month & checks the ventilator settings, checks the internal & external batteries to make sure they have the right power in them if the house power should fail at least I have battery back up & a huge tank of oxygen to bleed 2litres per min thru the ventitlator tubing. It's so nice not having any private home oxygen service bills to pay.

    When are you going to call me? I'm still waiting. It's your turn to call as I called you when you were in the hospital in Seattle several months ago.

    Take care Matt !


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    My sleep study results show an approx. 60:40 ratio of Central versus Obstructive apneas, with an Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) of 13.7, no oxygen. I have an appointment with my sleep doctor tomorrow to address it.

    Do you have central sleep apnea? What CPAP machine do you use, and what pressures? Bummer you have to use oxygen, sounds like you sleep good though.

    Sorry for not calling yet, all kinds of excuses. Soon, I promise, looking forward to it.

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    Arrow 5 x 5

    The silence is DEAFENING!, but the message is LOUD and CLEAR:
    Secretary Shinseki has demanded that all veterans enrolled with VA get the best health care available anywhere (*)
    This ain't happening; never been, and don't plan on it ever being.

    And don't come around here looking for help, even with such a blatant case of neglect and abuse...

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    I am glad you got your procedure completed but very frustrated to see the difficulty you had. If you would PM me, there is a program that I believe you are eligible for where someone else fights for you. So far, I have had good results while helping others this way.
    Drop me a PM and I will see what I can get in place.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    I'm so forking exhausted and chest hurting so bad, I know it's killing me. I'm going to start using this thread as a sort of journal as to what is going on. Because I have so many other threads about this already, the first in Dec. '07 here.

    Lots has happened since then; two fully scored polysomnograms, three different types of PAP machines, a multitude of masks and chin straps, and a MAD (mandibular advancement device, designed to hold the lower jaw forward so as to prevent the tongue from dropping rearward and closing the airway).

    The trouble is getting a mask to seal. My chin drops to the rear, the MAD I have doesn't prevent that. So I use a ton of tape, as pictured.
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    Quadvet, I believe that is a Mirage Quattro mask you are wearing in that photo, and I have never heard of someone being so difficult to fit that tape was an acceptable solution. Night after night that has to be very hard on your skin. I am a polysomnographic (sleep) tech and if you have a decent medical equipment company, they should be willing to come out to your home and take the time to properly fit you for a mask. Everyone's chin drops back as they relax and get into deeper stages of sleep, particularly in REM where your body is essentially paralyzed, unless you have a REM related disorder or some other issue going on. I am not a physician, just a tech, so I am not giving medical advice, but there is no reason for you to suffer with this issue. Have you tried different styles/brands of masks? We use Resmed, Respironics, and Fisher and Paykel just to name a few. Then there are various styles: nasal, full-face, nasal pillows, and even new hybrids that address difficult fitting patients such as yourself. Call the center where you got your sleep study and ask if they can direct you to a company that can help you get a proper fitting. Hope this helps. Have a great day! And night!

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