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Thread: E-motion wheels

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    E-motion wheels

    For the member who wondered what chair/wheels set up I have. This is about the best pic I have of them on my Cyclone Mirage Ti chair (similar to a Colours chair in US).

    Hope this helps
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    The new e-motion M15 wheels have officially been released.

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    you can see in this page
    a few videos of the power of this wheels, i`ll by a pair when I`ll be old

    the page it`s in Spanish and the videos are in Germany, but you can see in the video what the wheels can do.

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    Nice set up. What are peoples thoughts on the new Emotions vs Quickie X-tenders? I'm considering getting power assist wheels.
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    One of my friends have got ones in his tilite tr, and he say that they are fantastic.
    Here is the pic of his tilite, his got a electric quickie titanium so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorrie View Post
    Nice set up. What are peoples thoughts on the new Emotions vs Quickie X-tenders? I'm considering getting power assist wheels.
    I have the Quickie extenders and love them. I tested both but felt the e-motion were a little to touch sensitive for me. Now that I am used to the power assist not sure if I would be bothered by the e-motion or not. My batteries last me all day and I do a lot of running around. My charger did crap out on me and am borrowing one from a friend until mine new one is shipped. I think two batteries are a must at all times, one in the charger one on the chair.
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    Aly did you trial the M15 E-motion or M12? Do the Extenders have to be fitted on a Quickie chair? I hear the Extenders have an auto off after 5 minutes, is this just when they haven't been used for that length of time?

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    This is another power assist, this one is a E-fix sistem by invacare in a quickie titanium.
    I put the page for if you can reed spanish and some pics.

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