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    Adapted Vehicles

    I'm wondering who you all think has the best adapted van and/or truck on the market today. This includes durability and customer service. Also, who would you recommend for a conversion on a truck? I have my own opinion I'll mention later.

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    Adapted Motor Vehicles

    Just got into a 2009 Toyota Seinna with a Braun conversion. Previously drove a 2002 Dodge Caravan with Braun conversion. Both were/are ramp vans. I have only experienced Braun conversions and find them almost totally reliable. Had minor computer glitches with the Dodge.

    I chose the folding ramp for several reasons:

    1. I can deploy the ramp manually.
    2. More road clearance than what is offered by under the floor ramps which is important in lowered floor vans.
    3. I believe folding ramps are easy to maintain.

    I am really liking the Toyota. There is more road clearance and the vehicle feels more solid both in the mountains where we live and on road trips.
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    I have a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country Braun conversion.Super nice,dependable.Only thing,it won't drive itself.Have you seen the Mercedes that drives by JOYSTICK?A ten year old could drive it!

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    It is hard to say what is best. No one knows how long things made today are going to last. Vehicles, conversions, and lifts are always changing. Will you explain what you mean by "truck conversion?" Even if the conversion is reliable, good local service is still important. My wife got rear-ended in our Toyota Sienna Rampvan, and it required both bodyshop and conversion techs working together to put things together again. I have a 5 year old VMI lift on the back of my old Chevy van, and it has been problem free.

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    I have a truck that was modified locally. The parts just hade to be installed and modified a little bit until they worked properly.

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    I drive a 2005 Chevy Avalanche - Love it

    I drove conversion vans and the stock vans with conversions done for the first 10 years after my injury. I am a T9 complete. The doors opening, the ramp deploying, the drivers seat turning so I could transfer in and out of it easily, all of that technology was great to have. But it also was more stuff to break and not work when I needed it to. I now have a glide an go seat from access unlimited. It meant that I got to keep the Avalanche as is; no major changes. The original seat and door panels stayed, the back seat is still fully accessible and best of all I have a cool 4 wheel drive truck I pull my chair in and place it in the passenger seat if I am travelling alone. If someone is with me they put it in the back of the truck.
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