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Thread: E-motion wheels

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    E-motion wheels

    For the member who wondered what chair/wheels set up I have. This is about the best pic I have of them on my Cyclone Mirage Ti chair (similar to a Colours chair in US).

    Hope this helps
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    The new e-motion M15 wheels have officially been released.

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    you can see in this page
    a few videos of the power of this wheels, i`ll by a pair when I`ll be old

    the page it`s in Spanish and the videos are in Germany, but you can see in the video what the wheels can do.

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    Nice set up. What are peoples thoughts on the new Emotions vs Quickie X-tenders? I'm considering getting power assist wheels.
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    One of my friends have got ones in his tilite tr, and he say that they are fantastic.
    Here is the pic of his tilite, his got a electric quickie titanium so.

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    I was just wondering if they can be used on a zr/tr. Thanks for pic.

    Can they be cambered? or do they need to be on straight?

    Rhino, what kind of chair do you use? and do you have camber, it doesn't look like it?

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    this set of wheels combined with a projection handrims should be perfect for hi quads like me... awesome..
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    Quote Originally Posted by chick View Post
    I was just wondering if they can be used on a zr/tr. Thanks for pic.

    Can they be cambered? or do they need to be on straight?

    Rhino, what kind of chair do you use? and do you have camber, it doesn't look like it?
    Configuring a rigid frame for optimal "quad self-propulsion" and configuring one for optimal use of power assist wheels are different.

    If you were selecting a new TiLite chair with power assist wheels in mind, I'd go with the "box" frame TR with the power adaptable frame and a 5" caster. I'd go TR instead of ZR because the installation would be much easier, and considering that the balance of the chair with the 50 lb.+ e-motions will, by it's very nature, be very front heavy. The impact of the casters with cracks in the sidewalk and other pavement discrepancies will be much greater. Having a lower frame rail will reinforce the caster housing. While I'm guessing you normally use a 3 or 4" caster, I recommend a slightly larger diameter caster to help offset the effect of harder impacts.

    Frank Mobility says no more than 2 degrees of camber, but TiLite's power adaptable frame option requires 0 degrees.

    Rear STF height also becomes more-difficult to determine. More dump doesn't equal better power-assisted propulsion like it does with manual propulsion. The hand rims will be out slightly more to the sides and a longer push stroke provides much less benefit. With power assist wheels, you are essentially using the handrim as a proportional switch which tells the motors how hard to work. Postural stability should be the primary factor in determining the amount of dump you need. Since both the TR and ZR are both fixed rear STF height models, I would recommend anyone considering e-motions demo a set on an adjustable rigid frame and get everything dialed in before spec'ing anything out.

    I used to have a demo set of e-motion M11's installed on a demo Invacare A4 titanium with 3-4" of seat dump. The Invacare rep needed to take the A4 back, so we installed the M11's on one of our inpatient loaner Invacare ProSpin X4 folders with 70 degree swingaways and <2" of seat dump. To my surprise, the e-motion wheels actually worked much better on the ProSpin!

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is not to assume that the usual paradigms used with manual chairs automatically apply to manual chairs with power assist wheels.

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