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Thread: Mystery fever, high shoulder pain

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    Mystery fever, high shoulder pain

    So, here I sit with a fever. I've checked the usual suspects and so far, no evidence of UTI or skin programs, no redness anywhere, no broken anything.

    The only thing I can link any of this to is a painful, high upper right shoulder. It hurts when I move it (that began this afternoon), but not so much if I don't. I'm aware of my upper shoulder in the back near the top when I breathe in all the way. While it's painful, it doesn't hurt as much as when I move that arm.

    No coughing, no sniffles, no anything like that. Just feeling more and more achy overall, generally like crap, that weird shoulder pain and a temp. I'm taking Ibuprofen so my temp is staying right around the 100 degree mark.

    I realize this is not cause for major concern, but the shoulder pain and a temp a couple of hours later have me thinking because my body doesn't generally have this kind of weirdness.

    Suspected culprits? Possibilities? SCI-Nurse? Anyone else?


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    Gall bladder, lol.
    That's all I got... just because you said shoulder pain.
    Get well.
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    When I had mono, I was told to watch for shoulder pain ... residual flank pain since I was paralyzed. I agree about the gall bladder.
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    Right shoulder pain is often associated with gall bladder problems. You need to get an ultrasound to be sure. Don't delay if your fever continues. I have had several patients who had septic gall bladders and delay in diagnosis and treatment nearly killed them.


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    sorry to hear you're not feeling good - get it checked out as soon as you can just in case it's something that needs more than ibuprofen to shift it.

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    The pain is still there, but my temp is a little lower. I feel somewhat better, maybe because I slept in today. I think I'll grab a nap already and that's okay. Once I read the boards here and at FB, I'm getting some extras zzzzzzz's.

    I'll call my doctor's office on Monday. If it gets worse I'll consider the e.r., but if I hold like I am, I'll wait for my doc.

    Gall bladder? I never even think about having a gall bladder, much less having a problem with one. Bleh.

    Thanks for the input on the pain/fever. This is an odd thing for me whatever it is.

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    I mentally went straight to gall bladder too. I was ab when I lost mine, so can't help much. Rule of thumb on gallbladder is Female, Fat, Fair and Forty. I was Female, Thin, Fair and 33 when I lost mine. But I was only thin just then b/c my gallbladder had controlled my eating for 2 years!

    Watch to see if it gets worse when you eat. If you really want to test it, eat something greasy. If it's your gb, it WILL complain. Attacks start 15-30 min after eating, last an hr or hour and a half. The longest hour of your life, barring kidney stones and labor.

    Remember we get referred pain, too. My kidney stone pain always starts in my lower hip, which makes no sense at all to me. I'd never have known it was a kidney stone if Wise hadn't said so.

    A bunch of useless info. Hope you feel better. Been thinking about you!

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    Could be referred pain for sure. When I was pregnant strong Braxton Hicks contractions would give me intense shoulder/neck pain.
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    Thanks for the responses. I'm female, have more fat on the bod than I care, am fair and **drum roll** 47. GB may be the winner. It may not. I feel bad when I eat and that's not my usual. I get queasy eating anything right now, but I've felt that when I've had UTIs, too.

    I felt not so great after eating at my Uncle's last night. The food was a tad high on the fat content. He uses fats I skip in my own food. Maybe it's why his cooking always tastes so yummy.

    I'm no worse today unless I eat. I'm being a slug around my apartment. Lovely thought that.

    As for referred pain, it could always be that. There are times body area A is the culprit and body part B feels the pain. It's hard to know what's having a problem. You know what I'm saying.

    This isn't a horror of horrors health thing, but I'm off my mark just enough to be greatly annoyed with my body and myself.

    Thanks again November, Lynnifer, Carbar, KLD, Betheny and Emi.

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    LaMem, gall bladder certainly sounds as though it fits the bill, but it's worth mentioning that fallopian tube issues can also trigger right shoulder pain.

    Whatever it is, I hope you can locate and easily take care of the cause soon.

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