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Thread: New Jersey Residents Take Action

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    New Jersey Residents Take Action

    On February 22nd my nephew, Carl Riccio, sustained a severe spinal cord injury while competing in a high school wrestling match. Carl is seventeen years old. There is a letter on Carls website in support of assembly bill A-2840. This bill supports stem cell research in New Jersey. The bill specifically prohibits reproductive cloning. Please go to his website, and click on "NJ Residents Click Here... Help Us Find The Cure" on the home page. It is so easy to print out the pre-addressed letter and send it to your assemblymen. Carls website is
    Every letter makes a difference!!! Thanks

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    Thanks, Renee.

    I want to remind everybody that New Jersey's bill was withdrawn in the Assembly last spring and is now being reconsidered. Your support would be of great help in telling the New Jersey legislature that the public support stem cell research. The legislation endorses and supports all stem cell research in New Jersey, including adult, umbilical cord blood, fetal, embryonic, and cloned stem cells. It had passed the Senate.


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