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Thread: Permobil c300 or c400?

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    Permobil c300 or c400?

    I am in the process of deciding to buy a Permobil c300 or c400 and need some help. I am a c5/c6 quad and plan to be using this chair to drive my new adapted van. I like both chairs. Any suggestions or opinions?

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    My mother got her Permobile 400 in August and she loves it. For her needs the vendor recommended this over the 300. Got the seat lower than original one she tried, so she fits under tables easily, and she got the tilt in space and power recline features as well as the power seat elevator which she especially likes.

    Cost an arm and a leg though....more than my parent's first home! Even their Medicare share of cost ran over $10,000 because Medicare would not pay for a lot of the features she needed (even with an excellent medical justification letter from the PT who did her eval).


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