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Thread: Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again

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    Para man walks after spider bite

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    Paraplegic Man Walks After Spider Bite

    posted: 10 HOURS 5 MINUTES AGO
    comments: 129
    filed under: Health News, Weird News

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    (March 16) - A bite from a poisonous spider had a miraculous result for a paraplegic man in California. After nearly 21 years in a wheelchair, he was able to walk again.
    David Blancarte had no use of his legs after a motorcycle accident nearly killed him, in Sacramento reported.
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    Then a bite from a deadly brown recluse spider landed him in the hospital and then in rehab for eight months. There, a nurse noticed a spasm in his leg and ran a test.
    "They zapped me and I felt the current," Blancarte told CBS13. "I yelled."
    Less than a week later, he was walking again for the first time in 20 years. The nurse said his nerves had been asleep.
    "It's a beautiful feeling that I have again," he said.
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    I used to wonder how cool it would be if lightning struck me and cleared a fresh pathway down my cord.
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    cases like this make me wonder what exactly is going on, I remember one lady found out she just didn't try hard enough to walk, basically she had movement in all her limbs but just never tried to move them or thought nothing would come out of it.

    Is this the same case?
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    Assuming the spider bite made for a cute news story, I'm guessing the guy was told the standard worse case scenario after his injury, maybe tried the couple-hour-a-week rehab thing for a year or two, then told to accept, give up and move on.

    I'd be willing to bet he had his current braced walking potential for some time, who's to say where he'd be if he'd made recovery a lifestyle from day one?

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    alpen - I think ur right.

    Rrrrrroon - From your lips to god's ears, I've often thought of the same about a lightning strike. In fact, so did Ben Franklin who tried a similar cure for sci back in his day.

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    I think your iintuition on this one is correct and there's more than meets the eye--CBS should be embarrased by presenting a story this way. Yeah, a nurse says, "Your nerves are just asleep". Did anyone notice that he was arrested a couple of days later for abuse--Sounds like a real quality guy! Anyhow, and for what it's worth, in my 30 years of gimpitude, the spider cures paralysis story keeps circulating. Oh, and the one about the paraplegic falling down a flight of stairs only to wake and walk back up them, is just around the corner, too... Happy St Patricks!

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    i believe what Doorman what saying is that the only real chance for a cure to paralysis is through stem cell therapy. of course, we all know that after that happens, we'll all need extensive PT to build muscle, strengthen joints & re'learn how to walk (if at all).

    and he right on with this point.

    all these rare cases that hint as some freak occurence like sprider bites or lightning strikes curing SCI don't mean squat to the SCI community other than entertainment.

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    Senior Member teesieme's Avatar
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    Well... whatever the case, I would say he is walking well it being twenty something years. And those braces sure seem to offer independence with his abilities. Any way I can find out what kind they are if they allow him to sit and then stand so easily from what I saw?
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