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Thread: Help, bowel issues

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    Help, bowel issues

    Hi. I am T8-T12 SCI with full use of hands/arms. Have had bowel issues for years but they have gotten worse lately. In fact it's seriously disrupting/ruining my life.

    Enemeez just no longer works for me most of the time. It used to work, albeit slowly, but now does not.

    Magic Bullet usually works, but it takes 6 hours to run its course. So I basically have to me right near the toilet for (at least) 6 hours when I use one.

    Plus there has lately been incontinence when sleeping.

    I went to a gastroenterologist surgeon, who did not seem to know much about SCI. He said I have too much "tone" in my lower parts. He said try enemas. But he was not clear on what that meant exactly and I could not figure out how to use them myself. Anyway I highly doubt they would work because I tried fleet enemas a few times and there was the same problem with taking a long time to work/not working.

    Oh I also tried Miralax (and diet changes). It just does not seem to have much effect on these problems.
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    What is your actual cord injury (not fractures) level? Do you have an UMN or LMN bowel?

    No suppository works for more than 30-90 minutes maximum, so the "results" you are having 6 hours later are just an accident, not the result of using a bowel care product.

    Do you do dig stim? If so, how much?

    Are you doing bowel care up on a toilet or commode or in bed?

    How much fiber are you eating daily (grams)?

    Are you doing bowel care immediately after a meal (within 30 minutes)?

    What other meds are you taking?

    Have you downloaded and read completely this booklet from the Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine?

    Most GI physicians know little or nothing about SCI bowel management. Have you been working on these issues with your physiatrist? A good rehab advanced practice nurse?

    Have you considered an elective colostomy?


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    I would try to get a script for 4ap.

    It has been a godsend for my bowel program.

    I use Bellview Compounding Pharmacy in St. Louis for making the 4ap.

    Good luck!
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    XSFXSF, you have a private message

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    OK thanks to all for the suggestions and info.

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    Do you have a good SCI doc or clinic that you can go to? It might be the answer to your problems.

    If not, can you provide some more information: what medications (all of them) do you take?, What types of food do you eat?, Fluids- how much and what do you drink? Do you get up on the toilet or commode? How often are you doing your program?

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    I am new to site and not sure where and how to access for questions. I have a pt which central cord syndrome who just received colostomy and I'm looking for direction on how to manage. I have taught pts with SCI about bowel mgmt but limited experince with SCI and colostomy. Please advise.

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    The teaching is pretty much the same if they have hand function. YOu would also want to teach the caregiver.
    Hoister has good teaching material at


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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz View Post
    I would try to get a script for 4ap.
    4ap? Is this a med?

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    i searched 4ap and that is what it came up
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