Feb 2, 2009, they found alot of blood clots in my legs and all the way up my vera cava to the filter near my heart. My doctor put me on Coumadin (blood thinner) and Lasix for the severe Adema (swelling). But my legs and feet are so big that I can't wear my own shoes or pants. Shouldn't it have went down by now. What is the next step so that I can have my life back the way it was befor the swelling? It makes my legs to heavy to move them. I even kept my foley in and stopped doing my intermitent self cathing. The doctor I see now says that he don't know what to do with paraplegics, he has done as much as he can. We live in a small town with not may doctors. Can you fly in a airplane when you have blood clots?
Hope someone can help me here.
Shantell Quintana
T5 Para (since 11/24/02)