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Thread: son c5/c6 15 months post :(

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    20 months ago my son broke his neck diving into a wave on spring break..c5/c6...after 6 months at Shepherd Spinal center he returned to college and is nearing graduation. He is preparing to take the MCAT's as he plans to apply to medical school. Don't let your son give up on his dreams...he still has a lot of living to do.

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    My brother(21 years old) was in an accident 2 years ago and is inc c4-5. Well it was tough at first, but he gained back his independence through very hard work and is now back in School. There are many programs to help with this, so it is very possible but I agree with some of the other posts here that independence is key. Keep up the encouragement, don't give up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new dimension View Post
    Thanks.......I agree to a point...
    Without help returning to his own life (school) may be to far off.
    I do agree with not bringing him to CC it is helpful but he has enough to deal with without having to here all the what if's.
    We went to the "Meet the Scientists" symposium in Irvine yesterday hoping that would inspire him but I am not so sure what he came away with. I was inspired and know that staying healthy and living life while the cure is found is the only way to move forward...just can't get that through to him.....typical 21 year old..he has a mind of his own and an attitude that I hope will be beneficial in the long run on this journey .
    Peace be with you...........
    Therapy sounds like a good move here. If not with an individual therapist, perhaps some group therapy. At minimum, I'd suggest a peer support group. Also, if he could find a mentor (someone with an injury similar to his who has had time to readjust and move on with life) that may be another way to encourage him to think about how different his life can be in the future.
    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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    I have a patient from the HEADNORTH FOUNDATION who has an SCI at the same level.
    He does counseling. We both are in San Diego. Send me a PM ASAP or email me.

    -Brad Marcus

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