Mind you my son does not share a lot of his feelings....yesterday he briefly shared his grief and I am not sure I can help. I won't go into details but you can imagine the grief and his loss of will to live like this. We are currently far from home at Project Walk in California working towards good health and recovery and are trying to plan for his independence from his parents for him in the near future as a typical 21 year old that is what he needs we think emotionally. We are from a small town in New England and there is not much to offer there most of his friends are away at college and have moved on in their lives and therapy and medical care are very very limited for someone with a spinal cord injury. He was away at college for 1.5 years prior to his accident living his life and now everything has gone full circle....now dependent on mom, dad and others 24/7. He even mentioned checking himself in to a place with 24/7 care (nursing home)...he really has no clue as to the horrors of that existence. You know..... he refuses counseling and or anti depressants ...where to go from here???