Former Reno Athlete Supports Stem Cell Research

Posted: March 16, 2009 11:42 AM PDT

Erin Breen

A former Reno athlete is one of the biggest supporters of the recently signed stem cell research bill because she knows personally where it can lead.

Ricci Kilgore was an accomplished athlete at Reno High School who was paralyzed after a disastrous car wreck in 1999. But she never lets anything keep her down.

Only a few months out of the hospital she took up adaptive skiing and over the years has become one of the top Paralympic skiers in the world. "The doctors told me I'd never walk again. But I never accepted that," she tells me. "I just thought, 'I will' and then I started taking all the small baby steps you have to take to get there."

One step was travelling to the Dominican Republic for embryonic stem cell treatments that she swears have helped regenerate nerves in her legs.