Over the past several months I have been contacted numerous times by family members of individuals with new injuries, seeking advice on where to begin. Now with the recent events that have taken place in the White House with the stem cell issue, more and more people are asking what they can be doing in the meantime.

While leading researchers are making amazing process in the scientific side of things, we continue our goal of helping individuals become as healthy as possible. The dramatic life changes that we have seen over the past six years by individuals that have entered our doors is inspiring not only to us, but to everyone following their progess. More and more hospitals and inpatient rehab facilities are referring patients to us to continue their recovery goals. This includes everything from grooming and dressing to standing and walking. We have helped individuals return to work, start families and even drive again. We want nothing more than for you to realize life after an injury is possible and we will help any way that we can! It is what we can do while science focuses on medical advances!

Two years ago we started a Free Trial Week Program for anyone intersted in coming to our facility in Cincinnati. This free week exposes individuals to everything that we have to offer including free housing-your only cost is getting here! In this economy, how can you pass it up? Many have asked me if this offer is still in place and yes, we plan to incorporate this into our facility on an ongoing basis. We teach you as much as we can in a week so that you return home with a program and plan to continue towards your goals! It is that simple-just read the posts on the exercise forum, many will share their experiences with us.

Since we are a medical based physical therapy clinic we also work with insurance, including Medicare to help with expenses should you decide to participate in the program.

I encourage you to visit our website at www.sci-step.com and contact me directly if you have any question or want to set up a free trial week.

Thanks for your time,
Michele Brock