I am doing a report for my last assignment for my last class to get my BA. I decided to interview puget sound clients of care giving agencies. I am a client myself, and have encountered agencies rules making things more difficult for me, so I wondered how I could change things.

Exerpt of report:
"We have heard complaints of the agencies’ rules making care difficult for the clients. For instance, the clients cannot exchange phone numbers with the caregivers, and instead have to call the company to relay messages (Addus Healthcare). This does not work getting important scheduling changes when the agency is closed, staff is at lunch or on home visits, or just plain forget. Another rule not helpful to clients is the restrictions on transporting the clients’ wheelchairs, put in place by a different company . A customized wheelchair means the clients’ needs are being taken care of, and relying on the destination to supply one adequate for needs is unlikely at best. "

The agencies are being paid by DSHS in some cases. So I decided to interview other DSHS clients encountering these imposed hardship rules, then send my report to them.

I need other clients who utilize the agencies with DSHS funds to contact me. I need to interview you! What do you think of your agencies rules and guidelines? Do you believe the rules were made with client needs in mind? I can interview over the phone or email, and I will get a permission slip to you to use your interview. I can use aliases, and I will get separate permission slips to you for consent if my report may be published elsewhere.

So far the companies I have in mind are:
Catholic Community Services
Korean Women's Services
Lutheran Community Services

I can add more. PM me if you want to contribute!