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Thread: Something in my urine

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    Something in my urine

    I have notice that I have something in my urine that looks like sperm. I thought it was something from when I was sick a few weeks back, but it hasn't gone away. It hasn't gotten worse, but it's not going away. Has anyone seen this before and what should I do about it? My urine doesn't smell like I have a UTI either. I did wake up the other night with a high temp, then I vomited and the fever went away. Is this anything I should be worried about?
    Thanks for reading this and to the people that try to help. Dan

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    Since sperm are too small to see without a microscope, can you be more specific? Do you see cloudiness in your urine? Is it thick like semen? Do you see mucous "threads" floating in the urine? If you put on a glove and rub this between your fingers, does it feel gritty like sand?


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    Thanks for replying SCI nurse.

    I guess I used the wrong word, it does look like "mucous" I guess. I did try feeling it through my drainage bad and it seemed slippery, I couldn't feel any roughness like sand, but I was feeling it through plastic. When I said sperm like, I meant it floated around separate from my urine and it looked like I ejaculated in it. Hope this helps.

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    I'd also like to know more about this. I see questions like this posted from time to time. Does each condition have a different cause, gritty, slippery etc.?

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    Sometimes it's calcium leeching from the system. It's common with sci"s, but Dr or nurse will probably respond here with more info. Good luck.

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    Sediment looks different from mucous threads. Sediment is usually white and comes out at the end of a cath or drifts to the bottom of the drainage bag.

    Mucous threads usually float in the urine and don't settle out quickly. They actually can look like very tiny worms. They can also be "casts" which are a row of white blood cells that come out of a single renal tubule. They indicate that the kidney is irritated or acutely infected. Have you had recent tests of renal function? Ultrasound or CT to look for any cysts, stones, etc.??

    Here is a diagram that shows different types of casts in the renal tubules (this is at the microscopic level):

    If this is continuing, you should call your urologist and see if they want you to provide a urine specimen for microscopic exam.


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    Thanks SCI nurse. I would have to agree that it looks like a worm and I have seen it come out when I start to pee. I watched it come out when I was wearing a condom cath and it was in the clear tube. I also notice that my urine is also cloudy now.

    I will get checked out if it doesn't clear up in the coming weeks. I have a Doctor's appointment at the end of the month.

    Thanks again, Dan

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    I am 31, male, and had a similar problem first noticed about 10 years back. Except that there are thread like blood clots in my urine but not in the Semen. At most times, there is no pain but sometimes there is a burning sensation while I urinate (maybe 1 in 12-14 times). Other than that, I feel no pain and have been leading a normal life. I had undergone a Cystoscopy (I think this is the test where they insert something through your penis) when I was about 16 but the docs said there was no problem. I continued to lead a normal life, but the occurrence of blood clots has not really stopped. Can someone shed any light on this.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I had a milky mucus and it was stringy back when I was 16. I was doing the intermitent cath deal then (now one a SPC). Turned out I was going thru renal failure. Don't mean to alarm ya but please see a uro Doc.


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    i remember those worm like things, i saved them and tried to look at them under one of the microscopes i have that uses the computer for the monitor.
    i was concerned they were worms, they sure looked like worms and moved like worms. But by the time i got to look at them , the slides were pretty bad,
    they weren't moving anymore , , and i really couldn't find any semblance of a wormhead,
    crazy winter it was. i think it was around the time i was getting over a bad uti.
    crazy shit, forgot about that week, that was a hard winter!
    cauda equina

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