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Thread: HELP My care at Jackson Miami after surgery?????

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    HELP My care at Jackson Miami after surgery?????

    HELP my hospital stay at Jackson Miami after surgery


    Hi All

    not sure where to post or where to turn I am scared, frustrated, and stuck here 1200 miles from family and home.

    I just want to know without going into great detatail if anyone had a bad experience after surgery at Jackson memorial. My care was so bad that after surgery that was going toremove scar tissue went into a complete untethering of the cord. After surgery I found out that I cant do anything for 4 weeks. The care was so poor that I had to physically leave friday night tether cord or not wheelchair to taxi, taxi to university of Miami next door. At least here I have the basicneeds met including pain meds for this surgery that hurts like hell. I am still amazed that they let me leave 7 days post /op with i/v still in???

    Anyone here of such care. Now my only concern is getting back to rehab at Kessler I am from NY and have no one down here which makes it that more scary. Any sugestions???


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    While I cannot give you an answer (as I've never dealt with Jackson Memorial), I'd gladly come visit you if you'd like. Just PM me, ok?

    I hope some one can give you a better answer though.

    Get well soon.
    Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!

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    Talk with your social worker today (at the hospital) so they can start making arrangements to get you back to Kessler (when it is appropriate).

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    Hi Polett

    Like I said I am from upstate NY with no family here right now. I am trying my best to get the Doctors to write a referal to rehab at Kessler in NJ. Problem is that withthe untehering of the spinal cord is that I have so many restrictions they really dont want me intherapy till 4 weeks post/op. No problem if I werehome. So I dont think they know what to do with me.
    Not to mention someone stole all my cloths at Jackson Memorial. I have 1 pair of shorts I was wearing and 2 t-shirts. I am basically screwed. Thanks for the offer to visit I havent seen anyone in weeks. with this bed rest I am going mad. It wouldnt be so bad if I could get them to manage my pain though it seems like they dont care, what are pain meds more expensive in Florida rather than NY. I never had this problem after surgery. Thet have me on a PCA pump that is no help. I would be better with my family DR writting me a script how hard is it or dont they want to treat pain here in Florida? Any sugestions.

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    The hospital has a social worker or case manager that should be able to help you make arrangements to be discharged to Kessler. When the time comes. But you need to have them begin working on this now, even though it may be a bit before you are discharged or cleared for therapy there.

    With your pain issue, talk with the nurse supervisor or nurse manager of the floor. Tell them that you are getting inadequate pain relief and have them document your concern. Be polite but tell them you do not feel your pain is being treated appropriate.

    The surgeon needs to be notified as well that you are having significant pain. Offer to give them your family doctor's name and number so perhaps they can even consult with him/her how they were managing your pain. If you have been on opioid based pain medication chronically then you will have a tolerance and may need more than someone who does not take them. Pain is now considered to be a 5th vital sign. They have a duty to treat this to the best of their ability (which may not equal no pain but should be close to an acceptable amount of pain).

    Above all be firm but polite. Most of the staff are probably very short staffed, not your fault but that is the reality of the situation. What are they giving you for pain? What is their reason for not giving anything else?

    Also check to see if they have a physiatrist that could be called in for a consult.

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    jws, in addition to seeing the hospital social worker, ask if the hospital has a patient advocate on staff. Most hospitals have a dedicated staff person whose job it is to help resolve patient problems -- that person should be able to help you with all of the problems you're having.

    So very sorry you're having such a bad experience. It's hard enough to be so far from home when things go well -- I can't imagine how rough it is when it seems everything is going wrong. My thoughts are with you.


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    Help finding rehab near Miami


    I am from upstate NY and am currently at Miami University Hospital. I am looking for an accute rehab somewhat local though I refuse to go back to Jackson. I can not return home right away so I turn to other people with SCI. Can anyone reccomend a nice accute rehab within 50 miles.

    Thanks Mark

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    Trying to get to rehab

    Thanks for the advice I am trying ny best. I guess I fall through the cracks again. I cant travel by myself in a wheelchair even with a nurse because if I do then I am well enough to go home. I am to well to go by air ambulance but not well enough to travel with a nurse??? Maybee I should threaten and I would to use an electric chair to from Miami to NJ then would I qualify. Hey I am willing to yake one for the team. This is not fair I want the best rehab to get better I am not going to let them place me in some 2nd hand rehab somewhere especially after Spinal surgery. Any thoughts keep them coming

    Thanks Mark

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    I am confused. Are you in JMH, U of M rehab, or some place else? Are you still under the care of your surgeon? Please, talk with the patient advocate, and social worker. They can and will get your concerns addressed.

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