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    hi im new here also, I was involved in a serious work accident on October 28, 2008, I have been out of the hospital since Feb, 28,2009,
    I have L1-L5 im just wondering if there are any L1-L5, how many are walking and or any other activities?
    please get in touch...thanks

    johnny guy you would get a better response and noticed properly if you started your own thread.
    everbody is here reading jaqcguie thread and she is c6.
    i hava a injury in that area l4 to s1i.
    just go to the beginning of forum and i think on upper left there is a tab "new Thread"
    cauda equina

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    ty metronycguy

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    Hello & welcome. Congrats on your ability to walk. I am 3 years post incomplete and thought I would share my story with you in hopes that you will find it encouraging. Please know that as you progress and time passes, the return your experiencing may slow down,, but you must maintain PT and home excercise daily:

    My name is Aaron Kelley Jr. and I’m a T7-T8 incomplete (brown sequard). Paralyzed from the waist down resulting from a gunshot wound, I began to regain movement in my toes several days after my injury. Hospitalized for 6 weeks, I began physical therapy 2 weeks after my injury. The standing frame gave me the confidence that I would walk again and encouraged me to ask my physical therapist what else could I do to progress to the next level?. The next day, the PT fitted me with two leg braces and wheeled me into the parallel bars to test my ability to walk within the bars. After receiving assistance to stand, I initially took 8-10 steps. At this point I was determined to continue to improve and walk again. Once released from the hospital, I was placed in an outpatient program where upon I exercised under the supervision of a PT 1 hour a day 3 days a week for 6 months. Within the 6 months I was fitted for my own KAFO (braces) for both legs and had begun walking with a walker. By the time my 6 months were complete, 1 brace was removed. Still determined to progress, I was approved to participate in a advanced SCI rehabilitation program(rehabilitation institute of Michigan) that consist of rigorous exercising 3 hours a day 3 days a week. After 3 months I had progressed well enough to drive myself to therapy and walk into the building with the assistance of my 1 remaining leg brace and walker and participate in my rehab sessions. After 1-1/2 years in this program, the remaining brace was reduced to a AFO, I graduated from the walker to loft strands, from there to a quad cane, to a single cane. Three years post injury, I continue my therapy sessions still determined to advance toward full recovery, but focus now on fine tuning various motor functions. The AFO has been replaced with the bioness L-300and is used daily as foot drop recovery is my last major hurdle toward full recuperation. To date I have recovered 25-30% range in my dorsi flexors with the help of the device.

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    Hi, I am a L1-L5 cauda equais , 19 mo out, wonder on how you are doing, well I hope. hope you find some one who can contribute to your level that you can connect with, good luck, Guy

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    Hi, I'm pretty new here too and this site is great, glad you found it. My son just was injured in Nov 08 on a trampoline and he's also 18. It's great to hear you are taking steps. Keep up the great work. How are you coping? I think my son is actually doing better than his dad and I are.
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    Hey, I'm Justin's mom. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I look forward to meething you. I think it has really helped him having someone talk to. I wish you the best of luck.

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    welcome, im about 2 years c6/7 incomplete
    c6/7 incomplete 6/30/07

    whats that smell? its me, cause im the shit.

    если я сейчас умру то нахуй я родился

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