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    new here

    hi, im jaquie. 18 years old. c6 incomplete going on 8 months. just looking for people that can relate. =]

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    Welcome to our forums! As we always say, we are glad you found us, but sorry that you had to.

    Did you go to Shephard for your rehab (I see you are from GA)?

    You will find a lot of good friends here. Keep posting.


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    Hi there, my husband is also c6 incomplete. He is not nearly as young as you (39), almost 3 years for him. How are you doing? Any physical therapy? I just found this site and it has been very helpful, still trying to get my husband here though. Lots of great people willing to help.

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    hi .

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    Hi I am now 10 months sci t6-t9. Like every one else who has found this forum its sad that someone so young and beautiful had to. Its a great place I have received great help and support from people here, made new friends and find alot of humour here too. The guys and ladies here will help you and answer any questions that you ask. Your also allowed to get angry here as well, its not taken as personal, because we all do it. I send you best wishes courage and strength.

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    Welcome, plenty of help and answers here. Just ask away

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    Welcome Jaquie, I hope things are gettn better 4u. Sheperd center is great! Glad u found this site members here are very knownledgeable and open minded.
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    thank you for all the warm welcomes. im doing great actually. i was told id never walk again but since then i have been able to take a few steps. the only thing holding me back is vert low bp when i stand and spasms in the left leg that cause it to stiffin straight out.

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    That's very good to hear that you can take a few steps in just 8 mos post. My son is C6/7, he is 7 mos post and he just starts to play the wheelchair rugby.

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    Hey Jaq,

    Welcome! You'll find plenty of people to relate to here. I'm C6/7 year and a half post. The most difficult thing for me lately has been going out and feeling like "myself" again or socializing without constantly worrying about bowel/bladder issues. That seems to be a common transition beyond rehab. Hope you're fairing out well on this one! Good group of people here to help.


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