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Thread: Isla Mujeres, Mexico-Feb 09 trip report!

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    Beautiful pics...thanks for sharing!
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    It looks so gorgeous. What a smart place to go when so many of the rest of us have reached our snow tolerance for the year. The "ramp from hell" does look very scary to me, and the rippled concrete would have me in fear of a face plant too. How magnificent to have the ocean right there. Not down the street, or around the back, but RIGHT there!

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    Lovely pictures. You're rather foxy looking!

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    Great photo log of your trip. That is a great shot of you lounging in the sun by the pool.

    I had to laugh at a remembrance of cafe con leche; my first trip south of the border was our honeymoon ages ago, we went to a Jamaica resort. My first morning there the waiter was pouring our coffee, and I said "no thanks" to the leche, he said "oh brave man" with a smile. I tried to drink it but after about 1/4 of it, I had to call the waiter back for some leche, that was some strong ass coffee.

    I agree with you on seeing the non-resort areas wherever you go, to get the feel of a place, you have to head "off the reservation". We have done that in Jamaica(just don't go to Kingston we were warned) pre-sci, Mexico pre and post, and Costa Rica post.

    And yes, there are ramps from hell all over, but as you said there are usually some senor's around, that are even willing to help this ugly ass old man.
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    LOL, McDuff, I think the pool shot is weird. I was looking at these Jonny Quest pterodactyl-looking birds called Frigates. Jill zoomed in on me unawares. I need to photoshop that pic to like it, I think. It's just too much bright light for a "woman of a certain age."

    I will have my revenge. When I get a tripod!

    Thanks, Kev!

    I got all those cool halter tops at Bass Pro, of all places. Since it was February, they were on supersale. Just wanted to share that in case any ladies need resortwear someday.

    McDuff, the worst off-resort area I've ever seen was Honduras. The resort was guarded by a man w/ a machine gun. When we went out in the world, we saw why. I've heard Jamaica is really bad, when you get to the real part. Hondurans made Islaneans look like bazillionaires. I had taken frisbees to give to kids on that trip. I gave one to a little guy, that then got pounded by a bigger kid until he relinquished it. I learned my lesson there. Sneak the toys to the little ones when the bigger ones are distracted!

    Can you write a report of your post-sci Costa Rica trip? It's on my list.

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    Thanks for the exhaustive report. It's helpful to all of us. So, I must ask.....did you get "the shits" at all,lol? When I was there in 1976-1977 I wasn't in a wheelchair but man we were burdened with Montezuma's Revenge quite frequently.

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    No shits at all, for either of us! I am careful about water when I travel though. I ate at 1 place where the fish seemed a bit suspicious, so I didn't eat it.

    They say the water's ok in Coz. I don't drink it. They say it's iffy in Isla, so you can BET I didn't drink it!

    How different does Isla look, Smokey?

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    Brilliant travel-log Beth, both narrative and pictures, I'll be hammering bells out of Google later as I'm ashamed to say I know rack all about that part of the Caribbean and you've whetted my geographical appetite.

    One thing does puzzle me - how did you get hold of my Summer fishing hat?

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    Did you get your fishing hat at the bluegrass festival in Winfield, KS? Because I did! It was marketed as an authentic Australian bush hat. Dogger scoffed at that claim. I love the fact that you can stuff those hats anywhere, suitcase, bag, whatever, and they always come back to shape. Try doing that with a sexy sophisticated woven straw beach chapeau! The mesh keeps your head cool, it really does keep rain from running down the back of your neck, the string keeps it from blowing off in boats or gales. And every fisherperson knows the point is to keep the sun out of your eyes!

    I've had that hat for 7 years now, and plan to have it forever.

    Timaru, you know I love Europe, particularly England. But this Mexican Riviera is heaven. The 2nd largest barrier reef in the world runs from North of Cozumel past Belize, to south of Honduras, as I understand it. Diver's paradise. It's a bit ragged compared to 10 years ago, the hurricanes have
    taken a terrible toll on the reef and the inhabited areas. Most of the mainland there on the Yucatan peninsula is just jungles. When you fly over it, you see no roads, just the occasional cenote.

    The people look as Mayan as they did in conquistador days. Down in Belize and Honduras, there is much more ethnic variation. On the Yucatan, they are Mayans forever, I think. I assume outside marriage is frowned upon, because that is the most ethnically pure area I've ever seen. Those of Spanish heritage look like Spaniards. Everybody else looks Mayan.
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    "How different does Isla look, Smokey?"

    Gee Bethany it was such a long time ago it's impossible to make a comparison now. I do remember though the hotels in Cancun hadn't been built yet and we were wondering why the roads were so nicely paved around there. We learned a few years later that "Cancun" had been built as a destination resort. I tell you there was really nothing there in 1977. The white sand beaches and water color really were beautiful then and still appears to be now.

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