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Thread: FES Bike for sale

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    FES Bike for sale

    I bought an FES bike a year and a half ago and has been used off and on for that period of time. I have all the emails that RTI sends me so I cna prove how many times it has been used. It was bought new ($14,950) and is in perfect pristine condition.

    How much are FES bikes worth used? I want to get as much as possible but also don't want to rip anyone off. I am more interested in Honda's and some other Isreali company's "robot legs".

    I can ride a bike now without having to use electrical stimulation and now the best thing for me is to rid myself of a wheelchair and use a standing version of a wheelchair. I don't know if this is making any sense to anyone, but hopefully it is.

    To make this short, how much is a practically new FES bike worth that has been only riden by one person?


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    Are you selling and for how much? We are going to buy one, but we are in Montana and the shipping from Maryland might be a lot. Let me know.

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    interest+md local

    i have an interest in the FES cycle and am a maryland resident, who would like to discuss the sale of the cycle. please check for a personal message and/or e-mail. thanks.

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    Hello! We are deparately looking for a FES bike for my Dad who is C2-C3 quadriplegic. We are locating in the Chicago/Northwest Indiana area. What did you decide re a price? Thank you. Please email me at: if you can.

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    Please respond to me either way at I am interested in an FES bike for sale. I recently had a friend purchase one and I even know a shipping company that he used which provided excellent service. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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    fes bike

    I am trying to find a FES bike for my 15 year old grandson. Did you sell yours yet? Do you know where I can find a used bike if you did? Thanks. Please email me at

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    I am from Turkey.My mother is a recently injured t8 complete and we are looking topurchase a fes bike. We are interested in your bike if it is stillfor sale. Please let us know if it is available. You can eithere-mail us or call. 0 90 8184816. email you very much

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