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Thread: Well, maybe I won't be building a house

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    Only thing I am going to add is that if there is any way possible someone needs to keep a check/look over things more often than every two weeks. More like every couple of days if possible. A lot of work can be done in two weeks and a lot of things covered up in that time that you might not see. Out of sight, out of mind philosophy. Out of the three builds I have been involved in we found small issues that would have been a problem in the future (walls not level or out of square, wall studs scabbed together, we requested extra wiring be left in the wall so there would be a little extra at each outlet in case of future problems, we paid for it but they did not do it initially) a lot of small stuff can be covered up quickly and you will never see it. Have someone check on it more often if possible.

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    yup, good thought heath, i went by at least every 3 days, w/ a buddy or my dad for a 2nd set of eyes rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    With our crap economy right now, it's a buyer's market. So the guy trying to get more money selling labor just won't have a job. It will go to a guy that accepts less pay. Also not a new thing, but it's been a while since things were this bad.
    You might be right on that one, and unfortunately also in pressed marked situations the good guys going by the books, codes and good ethics (which cost more) will often be the ones that goes bankrupt first. The times requires more investigation before one is hiring a contractor I guess.

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