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Thread: What type of home gym do you use?

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    What type of home gym do you use?

    I am going to purchase some type of home gym so I can start lifting at home. I was looking at the bowflex versatrainer, but they have been discontinued. Another wheelchair accessible one is the Apex Challenge Circuit 7000, but it is very expensive. I have also heard of people using a regular home gym, and leaving the benches off when they assemble it. If anyone has one of the two that I mentioned for sale, that would be great. I live in the Atlanta area. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! What kind of home gym do you guys use?
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    I've got the Bowflex versatrainer, an adjustable bench, a bicep/tricep machine and loads of free weights oh and a pull up bar. I can do everything at home but it's just not the same as the gym especially when no-one is here to motivate or spot me.

    The versatrainer is great, but since they have stopped making them, just try a normal multi-gym, there are some good ones out there.
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    The best home gym, cheap

    After going to the gym for 10 years I figured out this is the best excercise for me:

    1. inflatable exercise/fitness balls - you sit on for exercise and balance - Only $20 bucks
    2. Small dumbells, 10 pounds, 15 pounds.
    3. Strength Bands

    Every time you workout do something different. The muscles need to be shocked to get a good workout.

    Try to always "trick" your muscles. You never want to do the same exercises, reps and sets for each and every workout. You always want to shock your muscles into growing and adapting to new stimuli, so make sure to always switch up your training routines, number of sets and reps for each training session. Also, make sure to train at a high level if intensity and really push each set to positive failure (barely getting the last rep up).

    Having the equipment at home saves you the commute time to your gym also.

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    I have the Precor S.23 Functional trainer. It is 2 stacks of weights with cables that are height adjustable - that is it.
    You can wheel a W/C in between the stacks or put a bench in between.....

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    arndog, you have any info, website, etc... on that machine? Thanks for the responses, and I would like to know what other people use as well.

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    go to precor website. Look up S.23 and there should be a description.

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    I used the "Equalizer" gym while in rehab - the site needs updating!

    Big & expensive - but made for wc's and you can do a ton of stuff on it - Im trying to get one for my new house..
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    tried several

    After being injured I came home and really needed to get back in shape. I used the Equalizer in Miami doing some rehab and found it to be ok... Priced out the home "6000" and it was well over $4000 with all the exercises! I was able to finally try the Challenge Circuit in Denver. I really liked the machine and its multiple exercises that are standard and not an upcharge! Bench Press, incline presses, rowing, lat pull down, curl station, butterfly & articulating butterfly and two independant pulleys for crunches, or whatever I need to work. Also the weight stack has 200lbs. and it feels true to weight, the Equalizer and some others seem to give me leverage ie. 100LBS felt like 60 to 70lbs! I finally ordered one for home delivered for well under $4000. I am very pleased. Just my 2 c.


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    I have had this for about three years: and I really like it. With the seat off, I can face or sit sideways in front of the machine and do lat pull downs and various exercises with the cabled hand grips. I didn't mount the leg extension piece on the seat for obvious reasons. The seat comes on and off very easily. With it on, I transfer to it and can do yet more exercises. I combine dumbells with this machine and it gives me a good workout.

    I also have the Schwinn Windjammer indoor handcycle: Mine is a few years old but it doesn't look like they still make it. My hand grips are different than the one pictured - they are more vertical. It's a decent workout during the winter when I can't get on my handcycle (Freedom Ryder FRH-1:
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    Uppertone Gym

    I use uppertone gym daily. It was designed by a quad and is a very versatile machine. Several CC members have one and swear by it as do I. It's pricey now ($2600 when I purchased mine) and takes up a lot of space. Any, my 2 cents.

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