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Thread: The patients who stand to benefit

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    The patients who stand to benefit

    I love this article!


    It's more like mending a cable than mending a computer, and if you were to see improvement in patients who had been paralysed for years, then you'd know pretty well that it was a result of the treatment."

    That's right, if the person is been pralyzed for 20 years then use stem cells and he gets functional returns or any returns then you know for sure is from that treatment. Now, will they feel that way if the person is acute? They can say that oh no he would have recovered any way. Hmmmm.

    The patients who stand to benefit

    A major shift in policy on stem cell research is widely tipped when Barack Obama takes office.

    He is expected to lift restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

    BBC medical correspondent Fergus Walsh visited patients at the Veterans hospital at Palo Alto in California which has large a spinal injury unit.

    He has been having this sort of physical treatment for years, aimed at improving his coordination and maximising what movement he has.

    Pat is paralysed below the chest - the result of a motorbike accident in 2003.

    "The hope for me before I die is to walk again and stem cells give me that hope."

    That is a sentiment shared by many of the patients.

    Scott Souza was also paralysed from the chest down in a motorbike accident and spent more than eight months in hospital.

    "I have no real grip in my hands that makes things really difficult.

    "I don't expect to be running around and doing sports but my goal is to be independent as a result of stem cells."


    Roman Reed has been in a wheelchair since for fourteen years. He was injured in a college American football game at the age of 19.

    Unlike Mr Harris and Mr Souza he is not a military veteran.

    But he is one of the most active patient advocates for stem cell research in California, helping to raise millions of dollars.

    His own donated tissue - a small skin graft from behind one ear - is being used to try to create a line of stem cells.

    "Stem cells give me hope that one day I will get out of this chair and walk and hold my son high.

    "I know one day stem cells will give us a cure for the suffering and the debilitating diseases we suffer in America."

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