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Thread: Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status

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    it looks like meth picking. tweeking out with the picking. though skin parasites do exist. chiggers, scabies, there is this worm, a nematode that can crawl across your eye or under your skin. there is this tiny mite that only lives on the folicles of human eyelashes. and it dont matter if you are clean or not. creepy
    Ditto. Those are meth bugs imo. I want the patients dental records. They will have meth mouth, no doubt. Tweakers are everywhere here. I remember my bro picking, he said little pyramid crystals came thru his skin. He also said a passing jet was the Feds surveilling him, in my driveway in Elk City KS. LOL, I said From there they are surveiling freaking CHICAGO!

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    My closet niece. Grew up like sisters, died from staff picking at herself. Left her 8 y/o daughter here alone. Picking sores & dumpster diving. 2 things people on meth do, don't mix well.

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    That's tragic, Mona. I'm sorry. Meth is a filthy and destructive force.

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