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Thread: Wisdom teeth

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    Wisdom teeth

    How painful is it when you get your wisdow teeth pulled out. And is it even more painful if your older, I'm 41 and wednesday I have my checkup with my dentist and I'm thinking bout having my wisdom pulled. I've been debating whether to have them pulled, not because they bother me but because I grind them. Today on they had an article on pulling wisdom teeth and after reading it I'm more inclined to do it, I'm just wondering what the pain will be like since I'm doing it when I'm older.

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    have your wisdom teeth grown in or do you have to have them cut out? if they are grown in already it shouldn't be to bad as long as the roots have not wrapped around bone etc. it does make a difference on age-the older you get the harder it can be due to the roots growing etc. but i believe that will show up in an xray so your dentist can let you know ahead of time what you will be going through, if much at all but everyone is different. good luck!

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    I think how they are positioned in your mouth determines how painful they are. I had mine removed a couple of years ago & it was super easy. I was put under anesthesia for it & never needed to use pain meds after surgery. The uncomfortable part was mostly just swelling, but still wasn't unbearable. I was super careful with eating & preventing a dry socket.

    I say if you're having problems go for it!! I think you'll be happy you did down the road.
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    I had mine done in Januarary & after the first couple days post op it wasn't too bad. I had all 4 done at once & I was put under for it.

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    I had it done 3 years ago all 4 at the same time & I was awake just numbed up had pain meds. used them for 2 or 3 days had to sleep in my chair the first night blood coming out had to use gauze packed in to control it.

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    As gurly2356 says, beware of the dreaded dry socket. I had my wisdom teeth removed in two separate procedures. Both times I developed dry socket. Have lots and lots of the medication available just in case.

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    Okay, maybe this is a stupid question, but if you pull them because you are grinding them, won't you then just grind your other teeth instead?

    Sorry, I had mine done as a teen when they were still impacted, as did both my kids, so I can't answer your question about the pain involved. Although even with the impacted ones, the pain wasn't bad, nothing the painkillers provided didn't handle quite nicely, for both me and my kids. The biggest gripe was the liquid diet required for the first two or three days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunwawry View Post
    Okay, maybe this is a stupid question, but if you pull them because you are grinding them, won't you then just grind your other teeth instead?

    I probably will thats another problem. I do have one of those guards my dentist made that I wear at night when I'm sleeping. I grind my teeth cuz I'm cold, in the summer I don't have this problem. Thanks everyone.

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    wtf, make sure you have all the information you need from your dentist. Mine told me, if they don't bother me, don't worry about them.

    Several years and a new dentist later, I'm told leaving the wisdom teeth ruined the teeth around them and they had to go. I had to redo fillings and do a couple of root canals.

    You might be okay, I don't think mine were completely thru. By the way, when they were pulled, all at once, it was'nt that bad.

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    There really isnt a simple answer. It depends on a lot, including the dentist. Some feel that they should always come out while many today are changing their views. The problem with wisdom teeth is that often they do just end up causing problems. They can be difficult to clean or grow in crooked which makes cleaning the next tooth difficult.

    If you go to the dentist 2 times a year and your wisdom teeth are healthy and not causing a problem, then it may be better to leave well enough alone. There can be complications from removing them such as nerve damage but this also depends on where they are.

    I am 33 and have had 2 of mine removed. Actually within the last year. It was not difficult. I just had a few shots of anesthetic and they came out really easy but they had also broken through. I do have 2 on the bottom that are still below the gum but are sitting really close to nerves so at this point we are just watching them.

    If you want a really easy time then go to an oral surgeon. They can give you medication for anxiety if you need it but most of the time they can have them out very quickly. Maybe 30 minutes or less depending on your situation.

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