I broke my lower leg, fibia and tibia, three weeks ago (long story as to how), and the ortho put me in a hardshell boot with air-filled, inflatable balloons inside. I blew the balloon up too tight and now have major pressure wounds on each side of my ankle and edge of heel.

The sore on one side of my ankle, the medial, is about 2 inches in diameter, and is increasingly blistering and very puffy. It looks just awful, and like it is very tender and about to open.

A home health nurse came and put a pad on it and then wrapped my ankle up with the self-sticking bandage stuff... "for compression and increased blood flow." She then said to elevate it and apply ice packs to the surrounding swollen area. She said it should heal in about two weeks.

I made her call another home health nurse with wound care experience, but did not get much info. I then politely, yet assertively, argued that I didn't think such a nasty wound should be touched/pressed on at all with a bandage, as in "no pressure, no compression." But I relented to the professional.

What's the protocol here?

What's the best course to make sure the providers I see are competent regarding this sort of very delicate injury? Do I need to insist on seeing a wound care specialist.